The Factory8 provides access to multiple resources to fulfill the production of garments in a timely manner. Our diverse network of domestic factories each have their own area of specialization and pride themselves in the following areas:

  • Tailored Jackets & Bottoms
  • Outerwear
  • Denim
  • Leather
  • Cut & Sew Knits

Lead times:

Our clients are always interested in the amount of pieces that can be manufactured on a monthly basis (capacity) and the total time required to complete the garment (lead time). There are many variables that play a role in a factory’s capacity and lead time, including complexity of garment being produced and the number of units ordered. After meeting with you we will help you plan accordingly to meet all your deadlines based off of your production needs.

Because we understand that everyone needs to start from somewhere, we do not have any absolute minimum requirements on orders.

Depending on the simplicity or complexity of the design, we may ask for a certain number of garments, but there are no firm minimums. We try our best to get what you need made, here in NYC.