Deadstock Love: A Collaborative to End Homelessness

Informed citizens and social entrepreneurs of the world are asking the same question: What to do with the excess waste from manufacturing? For the team at Deadstock Love that surplus is fabric, and for this young collaborative repurposing waste material to aid one of society’s most pressing problems leads to new insight, processes, and solutions.

Dead Stock Love is dedicated to raising awareness, generating dialogue, and sparking policy change to end homelessness. This not-for-profit collaboration between NYC’s garment center, the city, and various arts and homeless organizations strives to help reduce the suffering of thousands.

Using simple patterns that fit into cutting room scraps from large scale production runs, such basic necessities as scarfs, hoods, gloves can be created and passed out to those in need. Further innovation arises through ongoing experiment and collaboration brings strength to reign in the growing problem of homelessness in New York City and beyond.

To donate or see how you can help, please contact [email protected]