Costing Structure

Silver and gold scissors in a row

We get a lot of questions about our billing protocols, so here is a post to further explain our costing structure:

For Development:
-All development is billed a la carte, so there is a separate charge for pattern, muslin, and sample. If we are basing a pattern off of a proto (exactly as is, without any pattern adjustments) then there is no need for muslin fee, as the proto counts for muslin and pattern maker can reference that. Depending on the complexity of the product there may be no need for muslin charge.
-Each time there is an adjustment to pattern going into additional fits, there will be a corresponding small pattern correction charge, and then an additional sample charge as needed.
-Depending on complexity of garment, sample time usually takes 2 weeks.
-All development projects are billed COD.

For Production:
-Moving forward into production, the following are included in costs per garment:
Pre-production sample, production pattern, TOP sample for your approval, grading/marking/plotting, on-site QC, packing labor, and packing list. Basically we will oversee your whole production from start to finish and troubleshoot any other issues that arise along the way.
-Not included in production costs are any trims and raw materials, including packing materials (like polybags and shipping boxes). Also not included is shipping fees to your warehouse.
-We require a 30% deposit on all production invoices prior to starting and balance is due at shipment time.
-Depending on complexity of garment, production time usually takes 6-8 weeks from the time we receive all materials and deposit.
-Production costs vary depending on following: number of fabrics used, complexity of garment being sewn, number of sizes, and number of units.